Steven Xia’s Homepage

Hi, this is Steven Xia! I am a second year CS PhD student at the University of Chicago, advised by Prof. Raul Castro Fernandez. Before coming to UChicago, I got my Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, where I closely worked with Prof. Semih Salihoğlu and Prof. Xi He.


Data Station: Delegated, Trustworthy, and Auditable Computation to Enable Data-Sharing Consortia with a Data Escrow VLDB 2022
Steven Xia, Zhiru Zhu, Chris Zhu, Jinjin Zhao, Kyle Chard, Aaron J. Elmore, Ian Foster, Michael Franklin, Sanjay Krishnan, Raul Castro Fernandez

KTabulator: Interactive Ad hoc Table Creation using Knowledge Graphs CHI 2021
Steven Xia, Nafisa Anzum, Semih Salihoğlu, Jian Zhao

DPgraph: A benchmark platform for differentially private graph analysis SIGMOD Demo 2021
Steven Xia, Beizhen Chang, Karl Knopf, Yihan He, Yuchao Tao, Xi He